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Menzies partners Trauma Centre to appoint disaster preparedness specialist

The Menzies School of Health Research will combine resources with the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC) to appoint a clinical specialist  with a focus on disaster preparedness and response.

The NCCTRC and Menzies will commit $750,000 over three years to fund the new position.

The position will contribute to the important and essential research work being undertaken by the NCCTRC and the Menzies School of Health Research.

The position will add to local capacity in critical health care, medical research and education and will also focus on infectious disease research.

NCCTRC Executive Director Dr Len Notaras said the position was important given the challenges in the northern region for future disaster and emergency response.

“The NCCTRC and Menzies are well placed to be prepared and ready to assist in the event that an emergency occurs,” Dr Notaras said.

 “This joint effort means the NCCTRC and Menzies can combine their resources and ensure that we are well prepared in the event of a mass casualty incident.”

The NCCTRC is already undertaking work into heat stress in medical staff who respond to emergency situations. This proved critically important during the deployment of clinical personnel to Pakistan following that country’s devastating floods last year.