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Medical teams prepared for infectious disease outbreak

More than 65 medical personnel from around Australia and overseas have been put through their paces in preparation for an infectious disease outbreak such as Ebola.

The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre held two Australian Medical Assistance (AUSMAT) infectious disease workshops in February to ensure that Australia is prepared.

Four clinicians from the Ministry of Health in Timor-Leste were flown to Darwin to take part in the AUSMAT training.

The NCCTRC Executive Director Dr Nick Coatsworth said that while the Ebola Virus epidemic in West Africa continues, work is already being done preparing for the next infectious disease emergency of global significance.

"Be it SARS, H1N1 or Ebola Virus, what is certain is periodically the world will require a coordinated and united repsonse to highly infectious and lethal pathogens.

"The purpose of the field exercise has been to bring together senior AUSMAT clinicians, nurses and logisticians from around the country to learn from faculty who have experienced the West African epidemic first hand, and to view the configuration of the AUSMAT field facility as an Infectious Disease Treatment facility."

The 2 two-day workshops included a simulated field exercise in an Ebola treatment facility.