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Medical team deploys for Tour de Timor

 Australia’s Darwin based National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre will deploy a medical team to support the annual Tour de Timor international mountain bike race in Timor-Leste on September 11.

The internationally recognised NCCTRC has provided medical support for the 395km mountain bike race since 2011. This year’s event will be held from 13th-17th September and has attracted more than 120 riders.

The event provides an ideal opportunity for the NCCTRC to exercise its Australian Medical Assistance Teams in the field for the 5 day race.

The team of 24 - made up of doctors, including surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, paramedics, heat-stress specialist and logisticians, will use the race as practice for deployment to disaster zones.

“It a great opportunity for us to support and help build capacity in the local medical services and at the same time exercise in the field in an overseas country,” said Dr Nick Coatsworth, Executive Director of the NCCTRC.

The NCCTRC works with Timor-Leste ambulance Service and the Dili Hospital to help build skills among local paramedics and clinicians.

The NCCTRC’s heat specialist also known as the Heat Guy Dr Matt Brearley is also joining the team again this year.

“For many international riders the heat and humidity in Timor-Leste can be challenging particularly if you have come from a southern winter,” Dr Brearley said.

"It is a great reassurance for the riders, particularly international riders, that they can have this level of care.”