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Remote Area Trauma Education (RATE) NT0045

28 November 2017
NCCTRC Training Facility, 8th Floor Royal Darwin Hospital

This one-day course is designed to provide remote area health professionals with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be able to safely assess and manage trauma patients within the remote health centre until the arrival of the retrieval team.

It is aimed at remote health personnel, particularly General Practitioners, Remote Area Nurses (RANs) and Aboriginal Health Practitioners (AHPs).

This training is provided in remote health centres, with an emphasis on practical skills, small interactive groups and relevant scenarios.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the initial assessment of the trauma patient in a remote setting.

  • Demonstrate the assessment and management of a compromised airway (utilising basic and advanced airway manoeuvres).

  • Demonstrate the assessment and management of chest / trauma injuries .

  • Demonstrate the assessment and management of spinal injuries & haemorrhage control.

  • Describe the requirements for retrieval and transport of the remote trauma patient.

  • Trauma Scenario – putting it all together

It consists of lectures, skills stations and practical scenarios.

COURSE COST: Sponsored by the NCCTRC

 [prices and course availability are subject to change]