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The NCCTRC Quarterly Journal - Issue 03 January 2017 Corporate 2017
The NCCTRC Quarterly Journal - Issue 04 JUNE 2017 Corporate 2018
The NCCTRC Quarterly Journal - ISSUE 05 December 2017 Corporate 2018
Final Report July 2010 to June 2015 Corporate NCCTRC 2015
Operation Philippines Assist 2013: Team Alpha and Bravo AUSMAT Deployments Report to the AHPPC. Corporate NCCTRC 2015
The NCCTRC Quarterly Journal - Issue 02 September 2016 Journal Article 2016
The Australian medical response to Typhoon Haiyan Journal Article Coatsworth N 2014
Heat. Journal Article Brearley M, Saunders P (2013). In Physiological tests for elite athletes. 2nd Ed. Edited by RK Tanner and CJ Gore. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 131-147. 2012
Open speeds on Northern Territory roads: not so fast. Journal Article Read DJ 2015
Surgical workload of a foreign medical team after Typhoon Haiyan Journal Article Read DJ, Holian A, Moller CC, Poutawera V 2015
Cold Water Immersion and Iced Slush Ingestion are effective at cooling firefighters following a simulated search and rescue task in a hot environment. Journal Article Brearley M, Walker A, Driller M, Argus C, Rattray B 2014
Ten years of trauma in the 'top end' of the Northern Territory, Australia: a retrospective analysis Journal Article Gowing C, McDermott K, Ward LM, Martin B 2015
Detection of a and b waves in the acceleration photoplethysmogram. Journal Article Elgendi M, Norton I, Brearley M, Abbott D, Schuurmans D 2014
Accuracy of tympanic temperature measurement in firefighters completing a simulated structural firefighting task Journal Article Keene T, Brearley M, Bowen B, Walker A 2015
Pre-deployment heat acclimatisation guidelines for disaster responders Journal Article Brearley M 2015
On time domain analysis of photoplethysmogram signals for monitoring heat stress Journal Article Elgendi M, Fletcher R, Norton I, Brearley M, Abbott D, Lovell N, Schuurmans D 2015
Responses of elite road motorcyclists to racing in tropical conditions Journal Article Brearley M, Norton I, Kingsbury D, Maas S 2014
Water immersion for post incident cooling of firefighters: a review of practical fire ground cooling modalities Journal Article Brearley M, Walker A 2015
Physiological responses of medical team members to a simulated emergency in tropical field conditions Journal Article Brearley M, Heaney M, Norton I 2013
Understanding burn injuries in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: protocol for a prospective cohort study Journal Article Ivers R, Hunter K, Clapham K, Coombes J, Fraser S, Lo S, Gabbe B, Hendrie D, Read D, Kimble R, Sparnon R, Stockton K, Simpson R, Quinn L, Towers K, Potokar T, Mackean T, Grant J, Lyons RA, Jones L, Eades S, Daniels J, Holland A 2015